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WCOVA TimeBank

About WCOVA TimeBank

     The mission of WCOVA TimeBank is to build community connections and friendships across Washington County Virginia through the helpful exchange of neighborly services.  We seek to strengthen our community by neighbors helping neighbors. In Washington County, we're all neighbors!

     WCOVA TimeBank has the additional mission of helping seniors and disabled participants stay in their homes as long as possible by providing the means for giving and receiving neighborly care. 

     We recognize that each person has talents to share, and that the overall community is strengthened when neighbors help one another.  For every hour that you help meet the needs of another member, you earn an hour of time credit for the exchange.  This time credit can be redeemed for services from other members, and the never-ending cycle of sharing continues.

Give the help you enjoy giving and get help when you need it!

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To learn more about timebanking, check out these videos:

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